#MicroblogMondays Scurrying

I’m having challenges keeping student-Seonaid, CEO/Founder-Seonaid, Mom-Seonaid, and Just-Plain-Seonaid all sort of going in the same direction. I’m pleased to report that there is a website for nerdique.com. It’s a pretty bare-bones WordPress site at the moment, but we’re in the middle of building a completely different back end. Node.js, and a whole bunch of current back-end web technologies… can you say learning curve?

My job is to get users, because the fanciest party in the world doesn’t matter if nobody turns up to play. I’ve even set up an email list. So when we’re good to go, there’ll be somebody waiting for us. That’s the plan, at least.

The Microblog thing up there? It was a suggestion from Stirrup Queens, that we should reclaim our own personal blogging spaces, since so many of us have wandered away to the various micro-blogging (read “social media”) platforms, and our blogs go hungry.


One thought on “#MicroblogMondays Scurrying

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