Poem: Grown-up School

Grown-Up School

“I must have missed this day,”
I think,
Trying to coax sugar-water,
Peanut butter,
Mashed banana
into my daughter’s sick

I think that, sometimes.

Maybe a sick day cost me
The essential knowledge of
How to find my Right Life,
Retrieve my missing Socks, or
Live with the consequences of

Breaking someone’s heart
To save my own.

But I’m glad I got the lessons on
Boosting a Car,
Knowing True Love when it finds you,
Easing a Seam.

Those have come in handy.

Along with
Making a White Sauce,
Balancing my Cheque Book and

Doing the Work before going out to Play.

Although I think

They might have been
about that last one.


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