In The Garden

This week in the garden:

1. Coltsfoot. This is also called son-before-the-father, because the flowers come out before the leaves. It is considered a weed by the powers-that-be, but is considered a food by the honeybees, and comes out about 2 weeks before the dandelions. It is therefore welcome, and one of the early signs of spring. It beats the crocuses around here. I’m sure I’ve got some, somewhere…

2. Honeybees

3. Two dandelions, tucked right up against the foundation of the house. This makes it about a two-week ahead nano-climate. We’ll be growing the peppers in here, BTW.

4. Daffodils in waiting

5. Wee baby garlic plants

6. Uncovered strawberries. They are in plant jail because of the chickens.

7. Mystery flowers. I thought they were forget-me-nots, but they are too early, and the leaves are wrong. Anybody know what this is?

8. And one bonus, outside the garden on the river, A loon.


3 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. Lovely. I love loons (maybe because I’m loony 😉 )
    nice garden as well. About this time of year I always want to get my hands in the dirt. But this year at least, I’ll just have to dream

    • I believe you are correct. I will keep an eye on it and see what the leaves look like when they grow out a little more.

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